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Intercultural Coaching


Having a different background coming from a different culture there will be special obstacles and topics to be considered if you are planning to work with a German company or a company located in Germany. Coaching in this context could support you to avoid conflicts and or prevent conflicts regarding cultural sensitive topics due to preparations beforehands. It is about raising awareness for cultural influences. Examples could be working in multi-national teams, preparation for intercultural business negotiations, relocation to Germany and onboarding with a German company.


Intercultural coaching will be adapted to your experience and knowledge to avoid or solve disruptive factors due to cultural matters.


Careful reflection on the culture-bound actions of individuals are my focus in this process. What matters is not specific intercultural subjects, but the different cultural backgrounds.


Interkultural Coaching will help you developing useful and sustainable solutions for a multi-cultural work environment. This will support your already existing potentials and help you enriching them further for a truly global career.

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